What Songs Does Dream Use In His Minecraft YouTube Videos

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Here are the most popular songs Dream uses in his Minecraft videos:

Dream Minecraft Songs

Most of the music tracks that Dream uses in his YouTube videos aren’t copyright-free and require licensing.

I recommend checking out my guide on how to license music for YouTube videos if you want to learn more. 

Where to Find Songs For YouTube Videos Similar To Dream?

The best places to find copyright-free music for YouTube videos are:

Envato Elements – best all-in-one stock footage, SFX & music subscription.

Pond5 – best for licensing individual music tracks.

Epidemic Sound – best music & SFX subscription for YouTube videos (offers great search & discovery features, ability to download individual instruments of a song).

Who is Dream?

Dream Minecraft Music Banner

Dream is a Minecraft YouTuber who’s his videos are so good that they have tens of millions of views. Each. 

Dream’s most viewed video is “Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE” which has over 125 million views.

His Minecraft Manhunt series is the most popular Minecraft series ever.

The whole thing takes place in Minecraft, the game (you know, it’s pretty popular).

Essentially Dream tries to beat the game by trying to kill the ender dragon (that’s how you win in Minecraft) and his friends (George, Sapnap, BadBoyHalo, and others) try to stop him by killing him.

And as the series goes on the stakes grow higher and higher because there are more and more friends added that dream tries to escape from by beating the game. 

But the thing that fascinates me is how Dream somehow manages to make his videos so interesting that for someone who doesn’t even know or play Minecraft, they’re still as captivating.

Why do Dream Manhunt series get so many views?

Part of this reason is his music choice.

Dream carefully curates background music for his videos. After all audio is 80% of the video. 

But audio isn’t just a good voiceover. It’s the music too.

What’s even stranger is that I’ve now watched all of his Manhunt series not once, not even twice but three times. 

But why? Their total length is over 16 hours and 18 minutes.

The first time I watched it all was when I first heard about Dream. Just checked his series out of curiosity. 

I was immediately hooked.

The choice of background music in Dream’s YouTube videos immediately caught my eye.

He used music so well to help dictate viewer emotions. 

The last time I played Minecraft was like 10 years ago so I didn’t really have any interest in the game nor did I watch any content related to it. So I was left wondering why I watched the whole series all the way through.

The second time was just like, “Eh YouTube recommendations are meh” so I might as well just watch something that I know is good while I eat.

Hooked again.

And then, fast forward to now. The third time. 48 hours of Dream (sounds like a Mr.Beast challenge).

This time was different.

Why are Dream's Minecraft videos so engaging?

Dream’s Minecraft videos are engaging because he’s extremely good at the game and edits his videos in a way that keeps viewers watching for long periods of time.

This is where the background music he uses for his YouTube videos also becomes very important.

As I was watching his Manhunt series for the third time I started thinking about what makes Dream different. There was one thing in particular that stood out to me about how he plays the game when all odds are against him that I think everyone can learn from him.

You see when other players are faced with a situation where you have no hunger (which means you can’t sprint, or run fast), you’re completely cornered, one guy is above you trying to kill you with diamond armor, you have no armor yourself, no weapons, you’re high up in the air, with no blocks to place, literally nowhere to go, you’re hopeless. 

Most players (including me) would just give up there and then, they wouldn’t even try to come up with something because there’s nothing to come up with, just nothing. 

It’s obvious that you’ll lose, right?

Not for Dream. He clutches a situation like this by jumping off and grabbing a water bucket thrown by Sapnap and MLGs down to the ground.

Dream water bucket Minecraft clutch

This is why Dream is different. No matter the circumstances, no matter how slim the odds are he still tries to make something of it. And what’s weird is that it most often works out for him.

In situations where it looks like there’s absolutely no chance he survives he pushes through, concentrates, and does it.

But the opposite is true as well. In situations where it always seems like there’s no reason at all for Dream to lose, he does. 

When he appears weak, others think he’s weaker than he is. That leads to others not caring too much about the mistakes they make because those mistakes seem insignificant and that opens up massive opportunities for Dream. 

But when he is strong he thinks he’s stronger than he is and makes those mistakes himself.

So the main lesson I took away from all these hours of entertainment was that it’s never too late to wiggle your way out of a bad situation, as long as you’re not dead. Use everything you have at your disposal because when it feels like there’s no hope there’s always something you can capitalise on.

Don’t get me wrong, the reason I was hooked on Dreams videos wasn’t only his ability to wiggle his way out of difficult situations. 

It was also because he’s a complete YouTube GOD. 

How does Dream edit his Minecraft videos?

Dream edits his videos in such a way that you just can’t get your eyes off the screen for even 3 seconds.

He’s either being chased, chasing 5 people at once, or is trying to survive with half a heart. All the time.

How can you not watch what happens next? 

But Dream doesn’t do retention editing like most other YouTubers.

The cuts in his videos are secret and hidden and Dream prioritises the story above all else.

If you want to learn the subtle editing tricks Dream uses to completely hook millions of people into his videos here’s something to read next:

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