How to Get a 1-Month Skillshare Free Trial?

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Skillshare is one of the best platforms to start learning new skills, especially ones that require creativity.

The best part about Skillshare is that you can get a free 1-month free trial and take all the courses you want in the first month completely for free.

When my free trial ended I decided to stick with the platform because it offers such great value.

Whenever I need to learn a new skill I immediately turn to Skillshare to see if a course is available for that topic.

However, If you decide that 1 month of learning is enough, you are free to cancel your free trial anytime.

Is Skillshare Cheaper Than Udemy?

Skillshare is cheaper than Udemy. Skillshare costs 3€ per month whereas on Udemy 1 course costs at least $19.99.

With a monthly cost of 3€, you can watch as many courses on Skillshare as you want.

On Udemy you have to purchase each course you want to take individually.

I also made this list of the best courses on Skillshare that changed my life the most.

How Much Skillshare Costs per Month?

Skillshare membership costs 3€ per month or 36€ per year (for my country).

The pricing does depend on the country that you’re from.

Skillshare pricing in Europe

Can You Put Skillshare on Resume?

After finishing a course on Skillshare you do not get a certificate.

Nevertheless, you can list the skills that you learned after taking Skillshare courses on your resume.

Skillshare has thousands of courses on various subjects that can teach you legitimate skills that you can use in your job.

There are many people who have started their freelancing careers by learning the skills that they need through Skillshare.

If you learned a valuable skill, that a potential employer would see as a benefit then you should definitely include it in your resume.

Can 2 People Use Skillshare?

2 people can use Skillshare at the same time but with one account.

If you have the login information to an account that has a Skillshare membership then you can log in to that account from another device and take courses without having to pay for 2 memberships at once. 

Can You Buy 1 Class on Skillshare?

You cannot buy Skillshare classes individually.

Skillshare offers a membership with which you can take all the classes on the platform by paying a monthly subscription.

If you want to take only 1 class you can get the Skillshare free 1-month trial and take the course within the first month.

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