What YouTube Videos Make The Most Money

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If your YouTube audience is mostly from the US you’re probably going to earn between $300 and $2000 from Adsense for 100 000 views.

But most creators can get paid less than that.

Ad revenue depends on the video.

A finance-focused video, for example, will earn you more for the same amount of views compared to a Minecraft video. That’s because companies that want to place ads on a finance video have a lot more money to spend on their marketing budget than those who place ads on Minecraft videos.

So picking the right niche is very important for high earnings.

But even then, videos in the same niche can have varying ranges of RPMs (the amount that you earn for 1000 views).

I mean, just look at this.

This creator has a finance channel and here is how much he got paid for 2.6 million views:

This video was about forex day trading which means that companies placing ads on this video had ridiculous amounts of money to spend.

And here’s another video from the same channel that got a similar amount of views:

Even though the difference between views is just 24% the difference between revenue is 8339%. That’s crazy.

This brings me to this list of highest-paying YouTube videos:

1. Software reviews

Large software companies have a lot of competition and cash to throw around.

That’s why when they bid to place ads on your video the price shoots up.

Not only that, if you make videos about various types of software you can earn affiliate commissions by recommending that software.

Most software affiliate programs are easily accessible with a simple Google search but there’s usually an application process that you have to go through.

But don’t let that scare you. Most companies happily accept new affiliates because they bring new clients to their business.

Even beginner tutorials for specific software get high CPMs because of this.

2. Stock Trading / Investing

Anything to do with the stock, forex trading, or day trading niche pays a lot on YouTube. 

This can include guides on how to invest for beginners, various cryptocurrency topics, portfolio showcases, and even videos around market analysis.

Not only do these videos attract big sponsorships but the ad rates for them are extremely high because trading companies want to attract users to trade on their platforms.

3. Real Estate

How much does YouTube pay for travel niche

People spend a lot of money on their homes.

And the companies that can profit from this want to get in on the action.

Because of this videos about property investing, home buying, renovation or even home showcases can get high CPM’s.

Videos about real estate are usually longer because there is a lot to showcase and there are many details that go into each property. This means longer videos and longer watch time which increases the amount YouTube pays for such videos.

The real estate niche is also closely related to money and personal finance which means that it’s a prime target for advertisers that have a lot of money to spend on their marketing budget.

4. Website Hosting

If someone signs up for a web hosting service that usually means recurring, long-term income for the provider.

That’s why web hosting companies can spend a lot of money to acquire just one customer and still make it work.

Moreover, apart from having high CPMs, videos about creating websites make a lot of money in affiliate revenue.

Popular hosting providers such as Hostinger (which I use to host my website) and Bluehost have affiliate programs.

If viewers click on those affiliate links and sign up for website hosting, then not only will you earn Adsense revenue but also affiliate revenue.

Those two added up can translate to ridiculous earnings per 1000 views.

5. Any kind of business Marketing

Videos about email marketing, and social media marketing pay high amounts on YouTube.

Businesses care a lot about leads.

Everything is downstream of lead generation.

And marketing helps bring in those leads.

That’s why businesses pay for a chance to get more leads. Whether it’d be a subscription to software that helps do better email marketing, a course on effective social media marketing & more.

YouTube videos centered around tools and resources for business growth get a lot of advertiser attention because they want to get in front of a demographic that has a lot of money to spend and has the problem that they’re selling the solution to.

Here’s someone on Reddit talking about the business niche CPM on YouTube:

How much does YouTube pay for the business niche

6. Hunting & Fishing

Hunting and fishing gear are expensive.

That’s why companies that sell products for this niche have the money to spend on ads.

Moreover, the hunting & fishing niche can be an extremely viable source of affiliate income because creators can recommend different gear and tools to their audiences and earn a commission. 

One Redditor revealed his CPM in the hunting and fishing niche: 

How much does YouTube pay for fishing and hunting niche

7. Content for parents

Parents, especially new moms are willing to spend a lot of money on their kids.

This is one of the most profitable niches for companies to advertise on.

Moreover, there are a ton of products for kids from toys, to clothing and furniture.

This niche not only opens up a lot of topics for YouTube video ideas but also the ability to earn affiliate income from different kid’s products.

8. Pet Related Videos

Some people treat their parents just like their kids.

They are willing to buy anything for their pets.

At the same time, there are a lot of products for pets.

This just makes this niche super appealing for advertisers and opens up the ability for creators to earn affiliate revenue by promoting pet products.

9. Boats/Cars/Motorcycles/Bicycles

How much does YouTube pay for the automotive niche

Boats, cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles are all considered luxury items.

All of which, their parts and their maintenance cost a lot of money.

That’s why advertisers in this niche are willing to pay a lot of money to reach the enthusiasts.


Because people spend a lot of money on their means of transformation.

For some people their car or their bike is not only a means of transformation or a luxury item, it’s also their pass time making it something that those people are willing to spend even more money on.

That’s why it’s worth it for advertisers to place high bids on ads in this niche.

There you have it – a list of niches that make the most money on YouTube.

I’ll leave you with a few killer resources that will help you grow your YouTube channel from scratch doesn’t matter which niche you’re in:

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Thanks for reading 👋!

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