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YouTube is too saturated.

That’s what I told myself after 6 months of uploading a long-form video every three days and working on them for at least 4 hours per day.

Turns out, I had no idea what I was doing.

I thought that creating a faceless YouTube channel is as simple as picking a “profitable” niche from Reddit and pumping out video after video. 

“Surely this will turn into a self-sustaining channel”

I thought.

But this was the reality.

YouTube view graph

For months on end, my channel was stuck.

Even though I put in hundreds of hours of time it wasn’t growing.

That’s not because I wasn’t putting in the work.

Work wasn’t an issue for me.

I was like an emotionless robot pumping out video after video after video.

But nothing seemed to move the needle forward.

So I took a step back.

After spending a few days analyzing my channel from a birds-eye view, I finally came to a conclusion.

I wasn’t working on the right things.

Once I realised this everything changed.

YouTube view graph

My channel exploded.

Back then it seemed so hard to create videos that my audience enjoyed and now it seems frictionless.

So I put everything I know about growing a faceless YouTube in thisΒ Notion guide.

It includes everything I’ve learned from making over 176 YouTube videos and watching hundreds if not thousands of YouTube advice channels.

I ran everything through my “bullshit filter” and compiled all of the most useful information that I know about growing a successful and evergreen YouTube channel.

This is my channel btw.

Faceless YouTube Channel Notion Template

πŸš€ 10+ Notion pages about how to play the YouTube game

βš™οΈ List of tools & gear for YouTubers

πŸ§‘β€βš–οΈ How to make your first video and get your channel off the ground without showing your face

πŸ’° Detailed guide about finding your niche & making money

YouTube Notion Template

This Notion YouTube template has all the resources you need to start a channel the right way and start making passive income.

benefits to becoming a youTuber

1. Location freedom

blue sky with clouds illustration

You can make videos anywhere.

On a boat in Mexico, in a Paris hotel, or in New York’s suburbs.Β 

Internet connection, a semi-quiet environment, a phone, and a laptop are all you need.

Especially if you don’t plan to show your face.

YouTube gear like different lights or cameras also doesn’t really matter.

Most likely you won’t be using those for a faceless channel anyway.

YouTube enables a digital nomad lifestyle.

Creating video content enables you to earn in dollars and spend in pesos.

Earning income from a high-income country increases your buying power if you live in a lower-income country.

If you earn in the USA and live in Ecuador – the dollars you earn from your side hustle in the US will be able to buy a lot more in Ecuador than in the US itself.

That’s the power of location freedom.

2. Money

time is money hourglass illustration

At the end of the day, YouTube is a business.

In most cases a one-person online business.

In other cases, just a cash cow channel – means to squeeze out money and nothing else.

But nevertheless – it makes money.

You can’t deny that money is an important factor in so many aspects of life.

Most importantly – money can buy back your time.

Just imagine not having to work a 9-5 in order to survive (not that there’s anything wrong with a 9-5 job).

But money gives you options.

If you don’t want to work – you don’t have to.

There are many different ways to monetize a faceless YouTube channel (even without Adsense).

I recommend checking out this guide where I go in-depth about monetizing a YouTube channel without being monetized.

3. impact

time vs output illustration

Ideally, you want to make YouTube videos that have an impact.

Whether it’s through entertainment or education.

Starting a YouTube channel lets you have massive leverage.

You can make a video once and hundreds of thousands of people can see it.

That would be impossible to do without the internet.

You would have to leave fliers at the doors of thousands of people, order expensive television advertisements or travel around the country giving lectures and presentations over and over again to reach such a high number of individuals.

Starting a YouTube channel give you limitless leverage.

Limitless -> There’s no ceiling as to how many people your content can reach.

Leverage -> A single unit of input can lead to multiple units of output.

4. No boss

9-to-5 clock illustration

You can set your own work hours.

Make no mistake, mastering YouTube takes a lot of work but you can do it on your own terms.

No one will tell you to work more or work less.

Moreover, most YouTube videos are evergreen.

They are relevant forever.

The viewer will find an evergreen video interesting now, a month from now, or five years from now.

That means that if you have a large enough library of content you can step away and the views will keep trickling in.

Passive income.

5. It's an investment in yourself

Starting a faceless YouTube channel, or any channel will give you more than money and impact.

The skills.

The knowledge.

The connections.

Just imagine how much more you would know after making 10 videos.

You would improve your confidence, speaking, video editing, storytelling, graphic design, copywriting, and so many other skills.

The best part is that skills compound over time and over each other.

Even if YouTube doesn’t work out you’ll have learned so much that could be useful in other areas of your life.

It’s a win-win even if your channel fails and gets 0 views.

So why not go for it?

Get a free Notion template with the tutorial for the game of YouTube

πŸš€ 10+ Notion pages about how to play the YouTube game

βš™οΈ List of tools & gear for YouTubers

πŸ§‘β€βš–οΈ How to make your first video and get your channel off the ground

πŸ’° Detailed guide about finding your niche & making money

How to grow a facelss YouTube channel

Here’s a list of bonus resources to help you grow a faceless YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading πŸ‘‹.

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