Motion Elements Review – Is It Best For Video Editors?

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Video editing is hard because it’s so time-consuming.

Finding stock footage and effects can take hours depending on the project you’re working on. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a professional video editor because you’re probably always on the lookout for a new tool that can take your projects to the next level. At least I am. So when I heard about Motion Elements, I was eager to give it a try.

And, it’s great.

All in all, Motion Elements is a great tool whether you’re a video editor, freelancer, or YouTuber looking for a high-quality, affordable all-in-one solution for your motion graphics, music, SFX, and stock footage needs. It offers a massive library of creative assets, Premiere Pro plug-ins, logos, transitions, and more.

So in this Motion Elements Review, I’ll take a closer look at why it’s a go-to destination for video creators across all social media platforms and is it really worth it.


  • Unlimited downloads with the Unlimited Subscription plan
  • 4+ million high-quality asset library
  • Library of 4000+ free stock footage that you can use anywhere anytime
  • Royalty-free licensing is safe for use worldwide for all types of personal and commercial projects. Download once, use forever
  • It’s an all-in-one package for YouTubers. It has SFX, stock video, titles, templates, logos & more for every popular video editing software
  • Simple to use interface
  • Has a free elements mailing list that sends you notifications of their latest free elements weekly.


  • The library is smaller than some of the competitors (like Envato Elements)
  • The naming of pricing models is confusing because the Unlimited Downloads plan only lets you download footage that is marked with a blue bolt.

What is Motion Elements?

Motion Elements Homepage

So what is Motion Elements?

Simply put, Motion Elements is an online marketplace where you can find a massive library of over 4 million high-quality assets for video editors and other creatives. Whether you’re a YouTuber, video editor, graphic designer, or just someone looking to add some visual flair to your videos, Motion Elements has what you’re looking for. 

As someone who edits videos on a regular basis, having access to this kind of library of assets means that I can always count on finding that one clip that I need to replace my lack of b-roll with.

Who is Motion Elements suited for?

Motion Elements is best for YouTubers, video editors and graphic designers.

For YouTubers, Motion Elements offer a wide range of stock video clips that can enhance the production value of their videos. It also has eye-catching motion graphics to help add a professional touch to your intros or titles within videos.

Video editors can also benefit greatly from Motion Elements’ vast library of assets. From transitions and lower thirds to animated backgrounds and typography, there’s no shortage of options for adding flare and polish to your timelines.

As for graphic designers, Motion Elements has graphics, icons, and other design elements that can be used to create everything from logos and infographics to web graphics and print materials.

What really sets Motion Elements apart from other stock video sites is its pricing model. 

Rather than charging an arm and a leg for individual assets, Motion Elements offers an all-in-one subscription plan for $16.5/month. This means that you can download an unlimited amount of assets and use them in your videos. 

It’s the best option for freelancers and small businesses who might not have the budget for buying individual clips of stock footage.

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Pay Per Item VS Unlimited Subscription plans

Motion Elements Pricing Comparison

Motion Elements has 2 pricing plans – Pay Per Item and the Unlimited Subscription plan. The Pay Per Item plan allows you to purchase assets individually and the Unlimited Subscription plan allows you to download any asset within the Motion Elements library for a monthly fee of $16.5.

Compared to other similar sites like Envato Elements, Motion Elements offers the same affordable pricing.

But don’t think that affordability means sacrificing quality. All assets on Motion Elements are created by talented artists and designers from around the world, ensuring a high level of creativity and craftsmanship.

Motion Elements top features

Here are the list of key Motion Elements features:

1. large library of creative assets

Motion Elements Library

Arguably the best Motion Elements feature is the asset selection.

It boasts a massive library of over 4 million creative assets, including motion graphics, stock video footage, SFX, and music tracks. 

If your project needs an extra clip, title, or logo, chances are you’ll find it on Motion Elements.

As a video editor, I’ve worked with many lackluster stock footage sites, but everything I’ve found on Motion Elements has been very good.

But quantity doesn’t mean much if the quality isn’t up to par. Fortunately, Motion Elements excels here as well. Everything here is created by talented artists and designers from all over the world, ensuring a high level of creativity and quality.

2. Pricing model

Best Motion Elements Features

Another standout feature of Motion Elements is its pricing model.

Rather than only charging for individual assets, Motion Elements offers a subscription plan for $16.5 per month that allows you to get unlimited downloads for the same price every month.

3. User-friendly interface

One of the things I appreciate most about Motion Elements is its user-friendly interface.

Their library is organized by category and subcategory, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. There’s also a handy search bar that lets you input a keyword to find anything specific.

And once you’ve found something you like, it’s only 1 click to download it.

4. Compatibility with editing software

Motion Elements Asset Selection

Editing software choice matters.

Motion Elements has effects, titles, transitions, logos, and other design elements for 3 of the most popular video editing software: DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro. This means that you can seamlessly incorporate assets from Motion Elements into any project regardless of the software that you choose to edit with.

Of course, while Motion Elements is great for video editors, it’s not only suited for them. Designers, marketers, and anyone else looking for high-quality assets to enhance their work can benefit from what the site has to offer.

5. Free Downloads

Motion Elements Free Stock Footage Library

Everyone loves free stuff.

Motion Elements has a 4000+ free stock footage library available for anyone to download for free. Moreover, this list continuously grows and there’s a free elements mailing list that you can sign up for.

It will send you notifications of the latest available free elements every week.

Cons of Motion Elements?

Here’s a list of most notable drawbacks of Motion Elements

1. library is smaller than some of It's competitors

Some stock footage websites such as Envato Elements have larger asset libraries than Motion Elements (12+ million instead of 4+ million). So if the library size matters to you and you want to have the most possible assets at your disposal then it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

Read my Envato Elements review here.

2. Naming of pricing models is confusing

Motion Elements Blue Bolt

Their naming is confusing.

Motion Elements has a confusing pricing model because the Unlimited Downloads plan only lets you download footage that is marked with a blue bolt – which means you won’t be able to download everything in their library. Granted, most stock video clips on the site are marked with the blue bolt but this is something to keep in mind before purchasing the subscription.

Within their filtering options, you can choose to only show elements that you can download with the subscription thus removing everything that is not marked with the blue bold.

can i use Motion elements on youtube

You can use stock footage, music, SFX, and other assets from Motion Elements on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and other popular social media platforms. Once you have licensed the stock content, the license is permanent – you will not get demonetized even if you cancel your Motion Elements subscription.

Motion Elements Licensing Model

What are the best stock Video websites?

There are many things to consider when picking a stock video website. I recommend checking out my list of the best stock footage websites to make sure you’re making the best decision for your creative endeavors.

Here’s a quick overview of my top pics for the best stock video sites:

Was this Motion Elements review useful?

There you have it, my Motion Elements review.

In conclusion, if you’re a video editor, YouTuber, or freelancer looking for high-quality graphics, templates, logos, photos, titles, and stock footage, Motion Elements is definitely worth considering. With a vast library of 4+ million assets, a pricing model that includes unlimited downloads, and an easy-to-use interface it’s a great resource to have in your creativity toolkit.

Ultimately, the critical factor is you.

The stock footage site that you choose will depend on your needs and wants for the specific type of creative work that you’re doing.

With that said, I will leave you with a few resources to help you succeed online as a creative.

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