Best Music For YouTube Videos

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If you’re a YouTuber you’ve probably wondered how to find the perfect song for a video.

There are a few options you can go with:

  1. Get free songs from the YouTube Audio Library
  2. Buy a subscription that gives you access to unlimited songs to use in your videos
  3. License songs one by one from a website or directly from the artist.

But good songs for YouTube videos are hard to find no matter where you’re licensing them from.

That’s why I present to you my list of:

Best Music To Use For YouTube Videos

Here are some of the best songs to use in your YouTube videos’ backgrounds:

Songs for corporate and advertisement video backgrounds:

I’ve taken most of these songs from Envato Elements. It’s a subscription-based service that gives you access to unlimited stock footage, sound effects, copyright-free music, and other assets for a fixed monthly fee.

It’s the most cost-effective way to license good music for YouTube videos apart from the free music tracks available with the creative-commons license or that are in the public domain.

I recommend checking out my Envato Elements review here.

Here is a list of songs that I use for my YouTube videos (most of which are from the free YouTube audio library):

Best Music In YouTube Audio Library

What type of music is best for background?

The background music choice for YouTube videos depends on the video that you’re making.

Ambient, calm, lo-fi, and bright music is best for talking head videos, tutorials, walk-throughs, or explainers.

Cinematic, classical, and inspirational music is best for vlogs or videos that aim to inspire.

Mysterious, dramatic, or playful music is best for documentaries, gaming videos, or deep dives.

Where do most YouTubers get their background music?

Most big YouTubers license their music. Some use music that’s under the public domain or under the Creative Commons license. You can find free-to-use music for your videos’ backgrounds inside the YouTube audio library.

Popular subscription services that YouTubers license their music from are Epidemic Sound and Envato Elements.

Subscription services are much cheaper than licensing music tracks one by one. The subscription gives access to unlimited audio tracks that you can download and use in your YouTube videos without getting a copyright strike.

They also offer a lot more music variety and powerful search features compared to YouTube’s free audio library.

I recommend checking out my Epidemic Sound review here.

Should YouTube videos have background music

Some prominent YouTube creators like MKBHD use music only in their intros and outros.

But most YouTubers use music across all of their videos.

The main reasons to use music in your videos are:

  • Music helps emphasize the mood, the emotion that you’re trying to make the viewer feel (most movies do this too, there’s rarely a movie that has no music in it)
  • Music helps with the transitions between different sections of the video.
  • Music dictates the speed and the flow of the video.
  • Music makes videos more engaging to watch & fills the silence in between words or sentences.
  • Music complements what the viewer is seeing and helps them not only see the essential things on the screen but also feel them through music.
  • Music helps tell the story without using words.
  • Music helps someone take action or inspire them.

With that said I’ll leave you with a few useful resources to help you explode your YouTube channel’s growth:

Thanks for reading 👋.

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