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YouTube Money Calculator

Check out the YouTube Shorts money calculator here.

So you’re thinking of starting a YouTube channel but don’t know if it’s a good side hustle to start making money online?

It’s hard to determine how much YouTube pays because every content creator on the platform gets paid differently.

But why?

Views from YouTube Shorts pay a lot less than views from long-form videos.

How much YouTube pays also depends on your channel niche.

Some creators monetize their audiences with alternative monetization methods other than YouTube Adsense, such as affiliate marketing, selling digital products, or by creating courses.

In this YouTube monetization guide, you will learn how much YouTube pays for different amounts of views.

How Can I Increase My YouTube Earnings?

If you manage to rank videos on YouTube search they will get views consistently throughout the year and earn you more money.

The best way to maximize your chances of ranking for a search term is by doing keyword research.

You can use a keyword research tool called VidIQ to find popular phrases that people search for on YouTube.

Another way to increase YouTube earnings is to promote affiliate products in your video’s description.

Once you make a good video about a topic that is often searched for, YouTube will show it to people searching for it.

Keep in mind that it may take up to a year for a video to rank fully on Search.

And if it does, that video will earn you consistent revenue throughout the year.

If you manage to rank multiple videos on multiple search terms then you can build up a passive income generating video library.

How Many YouTube Views Do I Need to Make $1000 per Month?

The number of views you need to get in order to make $1,000 depends on the RPM of your channel niche.

If your RPM average is $2 you’re going to need 500,000 monetized views to make $1,000 from YouTube.

Table of YouTube views required to make $1000 based on RPM

How Do Youtubers Grow So Fast?

Even though growing on YouTube requires patience and consistency, here are a few tips to start growing faster on YouTube:

1. Evergreen videos

Evergreen videos are videos that don’t get old.

They are relevant today, a month from now, or 10 years from now.

If you make evergreen videos your YouTube video library will grow and you will get more views every month.

Whereas if you make videos that are only relevant today, then next month you’ll struggle to get compound the growth of your channel.

Examples of evergreen videos:

Evergeen Videos On YouTube

2. Consistency

In the beginning, you will put in tons of work without getting anything back in return.

But that’s normal.

Most successful people in the world think long-term. They don’t expect results in the near future.

They delay gratification.

They know that the good things in life always compound.

The video library you upload to YouTube will grow and compound over time.

Success on YouTube isn’t linear, it follows an exponential curve – it compounds. 

3. Growth mindset

Never stop learning.

Success doesn’t follow a linear curve but an exponential one.

Knowledge compounds non-linearly.

As you build up your YouTube empire you can earn ridiculous amounts of passive income.

As your evergreen video library grows, people will watch it more and more.

The better the quality of your videos the faster your viewership will compound.

You can increase your video’s quality by adding b-roll, and stock footage, or editing your video better.

Shorts are also a great catalyst for growth.

I recommend checking out my guide on how to go viral with Shorts.

Why Are Your YouTube Earnings So Low?

The amount you earn on YouTube depends on 2 things: your niche and the views you’re getting on your videos.

Here are the 3 main reasons why your YouTube earnings are low and what to do to increase how much you’re earning from YouTube:

1. Low CPM niche

If your channel is in a low CPM niche, advertisers will pay very little to advertise your content.

Think 1 or 2 dollars per 1000 views.

That’s because it’s not worth it for some companies to advertise on YouTube because it costs more than the product they’re selling through the advertisement.

Companies that sell high-ticket items can afford to spend more on ads because it’s still going to be profitable for them. 

Such companies are often related to finance and that’s why the finance niche on YouTube has one of the highest CPMs.

Pick your niche well and you will make a lot more money per thousand views than other content creators on YouTube.

2. Low views

Another reason why your YouTube earnings are low views.

If your channel isn’t getting a sufficient amount of views, you will not earn much money from YouTube AdSense.

Luckily there are other ways to make money from YouTube even if you’re under 1000 subscribers. Here’s how

3. Most Views from YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts pay a lot less compared to long-form videos.

Shorts are a great way to get discovered on YouTube and grow your channel but they’re bad at making money.

You can still monetize Shorts with other methods other than YouTube Adsense.

But long-from videos usually bring in a lot more revenue.

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Does YouTube Pay Monthly?

YouTube Adsense pays out monthly as long as your balance exceeds the minimum requirement. YouTube Adsense payout is also delayed one month. For example, if you made $300 in January you will receive the payout at the end of February.

How Do I Increase 4000 Hours on YouTube?

To increase YouTube watch hours to 4000 you can rank videos on YouTube search, make videos longer or more engaging, write better scripts, do YouTube SEO, and focus on creating a clickable thumbnail.

How to Get 1K Views on YouTube?

In order to get 1K views on YouTube you need to make videos that people want to watch.

If your video provides any value to the viewer it’s likely to get discovered on YouTube.

You can increase the chances of someone watching your video by creating a clickable thumbnail and video title.

Can YouTube Make Me a Millionaire?

You can become a millionaire on YouTube.

There are many YouTubers that have been paid millions by YouTube.

How much money YouTubers make depends on their audience size and the niche that they are in.

Should I Enable Skippable Ads?

You should enable skippable ads on YouTube if you want to earn more money through YouTube Adsense.

Some advertisers can choose to place only skippable ads on YouTube and if you turn this feature off they will not be able to advertise on your videos. 

Which Type of YouTube Channel Earn More Money?

Channels in the finance niche usually make the most money per 1000 views.

However, channels in low CPM niches make up for the lack of Adsense income through affiliate deals, brand sponsorships, merch sales, or by selling courses and digital products to their audience.

How Many YouTube Views per Day Is Good?

There is no amount of views on YouTube that could be considered good or bad.

As long as your views keep growing every month, then that means you’re making progress with your channel.

Some channels get consistent views every day while others experience spikes in viewership.

Your views depend on the type of content that you’re making.

Viral-type content tends to get a lot of views quickly while evergreen content gets small amounts of views consistently over time.

How Much Does YouTube Pay For 1,000 Subscribers?

YouTube doesn’t pay based on subscribers.

Subscribers are only good for meeting monetization requirements and attracting brand sponsorships.

50k subs are usually when most brands start reaching out to sponsor your content.

Was this YouTube money calculator useful?

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But if you know the right strategies to growing your channel you can start earning money a lot quicker than most other content creators.

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